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Sushi Thai @ The Park offers authentic Thai and Japanese cuisine. We have years of experience in culinary arts and restaurants. Please come to enjoy our delectable, exquisite meal, our contemporary relaxing environment, and our gracious sense of hospitality.

We always choose the finest quality ingredients. We are happy to alter our recipes to meet everyone’s taste. Although Thai food is famous for its spiciness, it is not true that all dishes are spicy. We offer our customers a variety of tastes ranging from non-spicy to super hot. Similarly, sushi is not always raw. We offer a wide array of cooked sushi and Japanese plates that suit your preference. Our sushi is well-known for its freshness and creativity.

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming you at Sushi Thai @ The Park. We can recommend a great selection of dishes from traditional favorites to modern recipes. We are working hard to provide the most attentive services and the highest-quality foods.

Thank you for your patronage.


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